8 Job searching tips for Software Engineers

Posted on April 20, 2020 - 3 min read

Job Searching

Job hunting for Software Engineers can be tedious and sometimes very discouraging and difficult, especially when you've just lost a current job or you probably just want a change.

Technical interviews can be very challenging and stressful especially when you are not just applying to just one company. it can even sometimes get overwhelming and in the process discourage you from ever finding and getting your dream job.

Sometimes, you prepare and you still never know how hard it would be until you start getting knee-deep into each one of them, and as Software Engineers we go through various types of interviews ranging from behavioral to different types of technical interviews and most times knowing how to code could be the least of our worries, which is why I think knowing how to search and find the right job that ticks all your boxes could go a long way when you actually start interviewing.

So, I came up with 8 tips that could help improve your job searching process and they are as follows:

  1. Get your Cv/Résume in order

  1. Find an area you are passionate about (eg. Entertainment, Media, Health care, Tourism, Security, Transportation, etc When it comes to cover letter writing this actually helps because you get to tie your passion for what the company does to how exactly you can add value and improve their Product using technology and also it helps with narrowing down your search to companies that fit exactly what you want)

  1. Be stack specific (This really helps when you actually start preparing for interviews, so you get to focus on a particular technology/stack eg. React/Postgres, Angular/Mongo, etc hence doing so well during the interview process)

  1. Find a role that fits (When you read through the requirements for the job, does it sound like something you want to do? Are you excited about the kind of work you'd get to put out? Is this something that's in line with your long term career goals? Are you confident enough using the technologies listed in their requirements?)

  1. Try not to apply directly from job advertising sites (You always get a better chance when you apply directly from the company's website, and also you can use the opportunity of going to their website to find out more about them and if they are in line with what you want next for your career)

  1. Keep track of your job applications (Calls, Steps, Feedback, etc. it's important to keep track of it all, so you know what is coming next, and you don't miss any calls or overbook yourself. You can keep track of every interview cycle by either making use of Google spreadsheet or Airtable)

  1. Do your research on the interview process (Researching the interview process simply means checking the duration of the company's interview process? How many technical stages are involved during the interview process? Does their interview involve solving algorithms online or on a whiteboard or do they give take-home projects? as this would really help you prepare well ahead of time)

and the last but very important one,

  1. Rest. Sleep well (Interviewing can be very draining and you need to have a clear head and mind whenever you go in for a different one. So you need all the rest you can get to continue to stay healthy and sharp)

If you want to learn more about these 8 tips and also get some more examples on how you should structure things listen to Episode 11 of My Life As A Software Engineer Podcast where I elaborate and throw more light on them:


As always, Thank you for reading!

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